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survivor4's Journal

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20th July 2002

ncatt9:14pm: Help.
I need your help. Do me a favor and vote for me for MTV's Last Fan Standing... Tell everyone u know to vote too cuz i need the votes... Thanks soooooo much... Just go to the link and click on the Last Fan Standing link. Click Accept on the next page and ur done. I owe ya all.

Vote For ME!

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19th May 2002

snoopycyd12:08pm: I can believe that the season is over tonite!

any predictions on who is going to win??

i am guessing kathy by the way things have been going, but am not too sure.....we will see tonite!

3rd May 2002

snoopycyd10:59am: Next week........
Here's what you can look forward to this Thursday at 8pm ET/PT:

* An unexpected event brings the castaways to tears for what one castaway calls "the most emotional moment of my life."

* A newcomer joins the tribe, but the honeymoon is short-lived when it comes time to plotting strategy.

* A "young princess" becomes a new target.

I want to know who's coming to the show next week!! Any ideas?

19th April 2002

snoopycyd11:36am: No one's written in a while, so i figured that i would!

I enjoyed last nite's episode. Glad to see that John got voted off. HE deserved it because he was playing dirty...i mean come on, he voted off Gabriel! Anyway...i cant believe that i am actually starting to like sean. I didnt think that would happen, but i think he is good at heart, been honest and such. just has to work on not being lazy. i cant believe that john's team (zoe, general, tammy) actually kicked everyone out in order durning the challenge. way to give away your plan! that wasnt too smart. got pascal and neleh against them now! should be interesting to see what happens...the shift of power they were talking about!

7th April 2002

ncatt10:34am: I am so mad all my favorite people gone. I loved hunter and Gabe, but once they were gone i was voting for gina.... I really dont like how this game is turning out. I know you have to pick sides and play well. But Hunter and Gabe lead their respective teams. I think John is a pain in the ass. I really think the most memorable episode with him was when kathy peed on his hand... not when he actually did anything to help the team. lol.

btw... i'm new... lol


5th April 2002

lapalomita9:38pm: Hello!
Hi! I'm a newbie & have enjoyed Survivor since it began. Ok, enough with the formalities...let me get to my rant! lol

John is an idiot, it's official. He is bereft of any foresight whatsoever. Ok, Monsieur Puppetmaster, how do you suppose just one of your minions is going to throw the immunity competition when three other players are dragging her through a maze on a rope? Not saying that he should have foreseen the absurdity of this competition (why not just have one person do it? everyone else is just coming along for the ride), but maybe he should have remembered he would have to sit out a few challenges & just maybe Sean, Rob & V would be playing all together, all at once & wouldn't take kindly to his puppeteering. Not that he even filled them in on his plan, mind you. Instead of ridding himself of Gabriel, who was as harmless as the hippie he was, he should have booted Rob. I hate to say this, but I hope he gets what's coming to him.

John is just drunk with power. Does anyone else see a Lord of the Flies dynamic going on here? Sheesh, I would hate to see him acquire some real power. Hell, I'd hate to see him get a job as a security guard in a mall.

It pains me to see poor Paschal running around on his pencil legs, sweating profusely. I hope they have an MD on duty! I like him a lot, but thought his grief for Gabe being thrown off was a bit much. "Just 22-years-old", he said. *grabs Paschal by the shoulders* Snap out of it! He didn't die for pete's sake!

Why did they vote for Gina? Who the hell knows. Why vote off someone valuable who would have remained loyal to you? I would hate to think Paschal & Sweet Pea are already thinking in terms of who would be a threat to them once the tribes merge & the individual challenges begin. Why keep on someone who made you lose two immunities? *shrug*

Everyone I was rooting for has been booted, so I am kind of disinterested in the series now. Just as long as Sean, Rob or John doesn't win, I'll be fine.

Bring on the merge!
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snoopycyd10:57am: I do not understand what they were thinking when they voted off Gina...she is such a better player than kathy. Kathy was too bossy and screwed up a lot of things. I am starting to get mad because all the dumb people are left...if they vote of Pascal next...i am gonna be so mad!!

Well next week is the merger...definitely should be ineresting!

28th March 2002

snoopycyd9:37pm: hello, my name is carolyn and i am new to this community.

just finished watching that last episode. i am really glad that Maraamu won some challenges! but how mad am i that they voted off gabe!!!! he was so cute and the best one on that team! that made me really mad! john rob and sean better be going next! i have a strong feeling that a merger is coming soon too.

till next week's episode...:)

22nd March 2002

poshgurl13:30pm: Sarah Voted off !!!!
Yea,It IS a good thing that Ms.Lazy Pig was voted off the Maraamu tribe.But the switching was kinda predicted.I mean,if Maraamu keep on losing to Rotu,the game would be just blast off.But Maraamu lost the immunity challenge AGAIN.Man,what the hell happened?I miss Hunter.I really do.Wished he was still there doing his "weatherman" job.Oh well,that's the way Survivor goes.
Current Mood: happy

18th March 2002

poshgurl14:54pm: It's up and running!!!!!
Whoo-hoo! *shouts whoo-hoo!*
It's up and running.The community for Survivor 4 is up and running.Yay!
OK,here's two pics I did of Hunter.Only the 'image hosted by printroom.com' is there thanks to rpintroom.com.
Anyway,here it is.

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img src"http://www.printroom.com/_vti_bin/viewimage.dll?userid>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Whoo-hoo! *shouts whoo-hoo!*
It's up and running.The community for Survivor 4 is up and running.Yay!
OK,here's two pics I did of Hunter.Only the 'image hosted by printroom.com' is there thanks to rpintroom.com.
Anyway,here it is.

<img src"http://www.printroom.com/_vti_bin/ViewImage.dll?userid=poshgurl1&album_id=60305&image_id=1&courtesy=1">


<img src="http://www.printroom.com/_vti_bin/ViewImage.dll?userid=poshgurl1&album_id=60305&image_id=0&courtesy=1">

OK,that's all.Hope to have lotsa members in the future.

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